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Bekku-no-Tanada Rice Terraces / Mount Hyonosen


The Bekku-no-Tanada rice terraces are located on Mount Hachibuse. At an elevation of 700 meters, the terraces claim a magnificent view of Mount Hyonosen, dubbed the roof of Hyogo. This scenic spot offers visitors a glimpse of a historic Japanese landscape unaltered by time with 130 rice terraces showcasing the beauty of the seasons. Before the rice is planted in early May, visitors will be treated to the “Upside-Down Mt. Hyonosen” reflected in the paddies, a popular sight for photo enthusiasts.

Spot Name Bekku-no-Tanada Rice Terraces / Mount Hyonosen

Bekku, Yabu City

Tel Yabu City Tourist As
Hours “Upside-Down Mt. Hyonosen” viewable before rice-planting season in early May
Prices Free

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