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Kaiko-no-Sato / Morikuni Uegaki Memorial Hall


Kaiko-no-Sato is most noted for its Mulberry Udon, a specialty product made by kneading mulberry leaves into noodles. Made by local mothers, the dish uses only local ingredients for a true “taste of home.” Visitors are welcome to enjoy the homey atmosphere next to a relaxing hearth. Meanwhile, the memorial hall introduces visitors to Morikuni Uegaki, responsible for spreading sericulture techniques and technology throughout the Tajima area.

Spot Name Kaiko-no-Sato / Morikuni Uegaki Memorial Hall

246-2 Oya-cho Kuragaki, Yabu City

Tel +81-79-669-1580
Hours 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Fixed Holidays [Kaiko-no-Sato] Monday – Friday, Winter
[Memorial Hall] Mondays, Tuesdays, New Year’s holiday

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