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Fukumoto Historical Site


Thanks to a piece of molded patterned earthenware discovered by chance in January 1952, this Fukumoto Historical Site is considered the Harima district’s oldest early Jomon Period archeological site. Upon further excavation, however, artifacts dating back to the Paleolithic Age were also discovered, making the site a complex historical site with ruins from inhabitants as far back as 13,000 years ago.
 Of particular note is the area’s determination as being the “Hanioka-no-Sato” site of Hajikami Village described in the early Nara Period’s “Harima Fudoki” (a record of ancient Japan) through the excavation of seven tile kiln remnants and other excavated items. The site was verified by analyzing the archeological descriptions in the document, making this an extremely rare find of great value and earning it designation as a prefectural cultural property in March 2009.

Spot Name Fukumoto Historical Site

Fukumoto, Kamikawa Town


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