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Yakata Town


Yakatamachi was an important post town for travelers on the road between the mines in northern Hyogo and the port of Himeji. During the Edo Period (1603-1867), silver from the mines was transported mainly on foot. Because of the silver's importance as a source of government revenue, officials often visited Yakatamachi to verify its security. After the 1868 Meiji restoration, the new Meiji government wanted to modernize the country as quickly as possible. Japanese and French engineers were tasked with building a modern road that would allow horse-drawn carriages to transport the silver south. In 1876 the Silver Mine Carriage Road (the Ikuno Kozanryo Bashamichi, now known as the Gin no Bashamichi) was completed.
 As the most prosperous post town along the road, Yakatamachi at its peak had eight inns, seven shops selling alcohol, four money-lenders, and a variety of other stores selling daily goods. Although none of the buildings from its days as a post town remain today, visitors can still travel the route of the old road.

Cultural Property Data:

Spot Name Yakata Town

Yakata, Ichikawa Town, Kanzaki District

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