Bantan Throughway — Gin no Bashamichi and Koseki no Michi Japan Heritage Site 73 Kilometers of Historic Ruts in Japan, a Resource-Rich Country


Port of Himeji Museum


Designed to breathe new life into Himeji Port—the terminus of Gin no Bashamichi—this museum was created with exhibits themed after the sea, the port, and Gin no Bashamichi. The museum includes benches printed with the sights of Gin no Bashamichi as well as quizzes on the horse-drawn carriage road.

Spot Name Port of Himeji Museum

294 Suka, Shikama Ward, Himeji City (Himeji Port Center 2F)

Tel +81-79-234-7302
Hours 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Fixed Holidays New Year’s holiday
Tuesdays (or the following day if Tuesday is a holiday)
Prices Free

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