Bantan Throughway — Gin no Bashamichi and Koseki no Michi Japan Heritage Site 73 Kilometers of Historic Ruts in Japan, a Resource-Rich Country


“Yoka Tajima-no-Kura” Roadside Station


Featuring a warehouse-inspired exterior design, Yoka Tajima-no-Kura Roadside Station offers a varied selection of goods including fresh fruits and vegetables delivered daily from local producers. From Jamonganmai rare rice to Yoka pork, visitors are welcome to enjoy a variety of dishes made with local ingredients, including seasonal okowa (steamed sticky rice) and obanzai (light, Kyoto-style side dishes), both regional specialties. A footbath is also available for washing away the wear of the trip.

Spot Name “Yoka Tajima-no-Kura” Roadside Station

241-1 Yoka-cho Takayanagi, Yabu City

Tel +81-79-662-3200
Hours 11:00 am – 6:30 pm (dining) /
9:00 am – 7:00 pm (souvenirs and vegetables)
Fixed Holidays Open year-round
Note Japan heritage-related monument erected in March 2018.
Electric vehicle quick-charge station (1 vehicle use) available.

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