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Ieshima Islands


Located about 18 km from Himeji Port off the coast of southwestern Hyogo Prefecture, the Ieshima Islands consist of 40 large and small islands, of which four, Ieshima, Boze, Tanga, and Hishijima, are inhabited, home to thriving quarrying, shipping, and fishery communities. The islands’ coastlines feature a rich collection of interestingly shaped rocks and formations that highlight the wonders of nature, while onshore visitors will be treated to a tranquil and idyllic “island” atmosphere with the beautiful Seto Inland Sea as the backdrop.

Spot Name Ieshima Islands

Ieshima-cho, Himeji City

Tel +81-79-325-8777
Hours 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
(Ieshima Tourism Association Information Center)
Fixed Holidays No scheduled closing days
Prices [Ferry] To Ieshima Island: 1,000 yen (one way, adult)  
    Boze Island: 1,100 yen (one way, adult)

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