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Fukumoto Jinya Ruins


The Fukumoto Jinya Ruins is the ancient site of the Fukumoto Clan’s palace, where Matsudaira Masanao—heir to Matsudaira Teruzumi, third son of Ikeda Terumasa (the Harima daimyo who founded Himeji Castle) and Tokuhime (second daughter of Tokugawa Ieyasu)—grew up. In 1913, Otoshi-jinja Shrine was relocated to the area, threrefore a small portion of the daimyo garden featuring a path around a pond was preserved. The Fukumoto Jinya grounds founded in 1663 cover an area stretching 600 m north and south, and 450 m east and west. The Tajima Highway passes along the western part of the Jinya, and a checkpoint was located between the Minami Somon and Kita Somon gates. The main route leading to the site is lined with town houses and a bamboo grove and bamboo lattice covering some 500 meters north and south separating the clan’s compound. The two areas were connected with two gates, at the front and back, with guard houses to watch over passers through.  The site was designated a municipal cultural property in October 2001. The ema (votive picture) showing the Otoshi-jinja Shrine Festival found at Otoshi-jinja Shrine within the Fukumoto Jinya site was also designated a municipal cultural property in 2005.

Spot Name Fukumoto Jinya Ruins

Fukumoto, Kamikawa Town


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