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Tsurui Shiroyama (Tsurui-jo Castle Ruins)


Sometime in the Nanboku-cho Period, Nagara Saburo Noritsuna—grandson of Akamatsu Norimura (Enshin)—built Tsurui-jo Castle 433 m above sea level atop Tsurui Shiroyama. Although only a handful of the castle ruins remains today, the path up the mountain has been cared for, and every autumn the Tsurui Shiroyama Hiking Festival is held.

Spot Name Tsurui Shiroyama (Tsurui-jo Castle Ruins)

1032 Tsurui, Ichikawa Town

Note The ruins are located about 1 km from the trailhead parking lot, which can be found
15 minutes on foot from Tsurui Station on the JR Bantan Line.

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