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Gakumon Joju no Michi (Scholarly Learning Avenue)


The Gakumon Joju no Michi (Scholarly Learning Avenue) runs between Suzunomori-jinja Shrine—the home of the guardian deity of Kunio Yanagita, a folklorist from Fukusaki, and his siblings, who made contributions to a variety of fields of study—and Kitanotenman-jinja Shrine, honoring Sugawara no Michizane, the god of Learning. It is said that offering your prayers for passing tests or achieving academic fulfillment while travelling between the two shrines along Gakumon Joju no Michi will ensure your wishes come true.

Spot Name Gakumon Joju no Michi (Scholarly Learning Avenue)

Nishitawara, Fukusaki Town, Kanzaki District

Tel +81-790-22-0560 (Fuk
Hours All day
Fixed Holidays No closing days
Prices Free
Note Please use nearby parking and lavatories.

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