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“Miki-ke” Residence


The Miki residence was home to the Miki family, prominent local officials who took up residence in Fukusaki in 1655. Construction of their home began in 1697 and continued in stages through the early Meiji Period (1868–1912). In 1874 their property line was moved 1.8 meters back to make way for the new Silver Mine Carriage Road (the Ikuno Kozanryo Bashamichi, now known as the Gin no Bashamichi).
Known for their tradition of scholarship, the Miki family were ideal hosts for a young Yanagida Kunio (1875–1962), who spent a year in the home reading their collection of books. This experience helped inspire his future pursuits as the “father of Japanese folklore studies.”
In 1972, the Miki residence was designated an Important Prefectural Cultural Property, and in 2010 the eleventh-generation head of the Miki family donated it to the town of Fukusaki. Renovations began on its main building and were completed in 2016. It is now one of the best-preserved Edo-period (1603–1867) houses in the prefecture.

Cultural Property Data:

Spot Name “Miki-ke” Residence
Designation Prefectural cultural property (tangible)

1106 Nishitawara, Fukusaki Town, Kanzaki District 679-2204

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