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“Takeuchi-ke” Residence


The Takeuchi family was a wealthy merchant family that built their home in Awagamachi at the end of the Edo Period (1603–1867). They were also the heads of the town. The residence is one of only two buildings in the town that survive from the Edo Period (1603–1867). The front rooms of the home were used as a storefront to sell goods, including tea, soy sauce, and sake. Senreicha green tea was their specialty, and they even sent it to a temple in Kyoto where it became quite popular. In the back of the home were four store houses for their goods, but today only one survives. A room for the venerationthat served as a shrine Buddha sits in the middle of the house, as was customary for homes in the Edo Period (1603–1867).



Cultural Property Data:

Spot Name “Takeuchi-ke” Residence

Awagamachi, Kamikawa Town, Kanzaki District

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