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“Koderaso” Himeji City Rest Center


The “Koderaso” Himeji City Rest Center is a little-known inn boasting a carbonated hot spring. The Center is located on the outskirts of Himeji and this valley area is noted in the “Harima Fudoki” (a record of ancient Japan). From the facility, guests can feel the tranquil mountain setting with lush greenery from the bamboo groves outside. Meanwhile, taking a dip in the outdoor bath inside the forest is the perfect opportunity to experience the refreshing, gentle breezes blowing through during the day, and a fantastic illuminated atmosphere at night. The Center offers lodging, rest services, food, and day-trip bathing.

Spot Name “Koderaso” Himeji City Rest Center

1470 Kodera-cho Tsuneya, Himeji City

Tel +81-79-232-7788
Hours 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Fixed Holidays No closing days
Prices Admission
 Seniors (60 and over): 600 yen
 Adults: 700 yen
 Elementary and junior high students: 400 yen

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